Dr. Ricardo H. R. Castro

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Our research group seeks to understand nanoscale effects in ceramic materials and composites and how to optimally process these materials to control their nanoscale behavior. By using a combination of structural characterization techniques, including microcalorimetry and high-resolution electron microscopy, our group has advanced processing techniques to create samples with unique mechanical properties and tolerance to irradiation-induced defects. Our team is interested in understanding the thermal stability of nanostructures, which has led to a solid theoretical framework for the design of nanocrystalline ceramics well-suited for extreme-temperature applications.


Nanoceramics Thermochemistry Laboratory (NTL)

Nanoceramics Thermochemistry Laboratory is a partner of the Peter A. Rock Thermo Lab and is dedicated to perform research on thermochemistry of nanocrystalline ceramic materials, ceramic processing, and application oriented research on nanocomposites. The main location of the lab is at Kemper Hall, UC Davis, and with extensive shared facilities at Chemistry Annex in the same campus. The logo represents a thermopile in shape of star, a design that enables highly sensitive measurements and extensively used in our research.