Welcome to the Engineering Superheroes Project! This initiative is funded by the NSF DMR Ceramics 2015650 and is designed to inspire a new generation of STEM professionals, particularly focusing on Materials Engineering opportunities. The project includes a video series, called Engineering Superheroes, which builds on the universe of superheroes to educate kids 5-11 years old on concepts of math, science and engineering, in a fun and exciting format. The videos all have an activity, with detailed instructions, to fulfill the education experience.

In addition to NSF funds, the program is funded by CrowdFunding. Please consider donating though the official UC Davis College of Engineering donation channel.


In this first episode, we discuss the science behind Captain America Shield. We present concepts of composite materials, atomic structures and performed a fun activity on the mechanical properties of chocolates. A fun and delicious experience!

You can download here lesson plans for kids ages 5 to 11. The documents are detailed instructions for teachers to follow as part of their curriculum or an extra activity. The program is designed to be STEM related (Math and Science).

Click on the link to download PDF files.

Lesson Plan PS-K
Lesson Plan 1-2
Lesson Plan 3-4
Lesson Plan 5-6